2020  |  STUCD 20082

Marilyn Mazur’s Future Song’s new exciting album «Live Reflections» is now available on Stunt Rec, with new releases of live recordings, plus «Reflections» from the very first studio recording with the original band.

Drummer and co-producer Audun Kleive has added a unique touch to the dynamic and intense, yet lyrical sound picture.

Supported by DJBFA, Danish Arts Council and Dansk Kapelmesterforening



    RECORD 2019.png




  • Marilyn Mazur, Josefine Cronholm 
    and Krister Jonsson: Flamingo Sky
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-30 um 11.30.29-mi


  • Mazur – Tritonus – Bjerno


  • Marilyn Mazur Celestial Circle


  • Marilyn Mazur Group Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-30 um


  • Marilyn Mazur Elixir Jan Garbarek


  • Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG: Daytime Stories
    future song-marilyn mazur.png


  • Marilyn Mazur All The Birds
    Marilyn Mazur All The Birds.png


  • Marilyn Mazur's Tryllemusik
    (magic music for and with children)
    Marilyn Mazur's Tryllemusik (magic music


  • Marilyn Mazur /Ars Nova / Copenhagen Art Ens.: JORDSANGE
    Marilyn Mazur /Ars Nova / Copenhagen Art


  • BIMWO Orch. play Marilyn Mazurs A STORY OF MULTIPLICITY
    BIMWO Orch. play Marilyn Mazurs A STORY


  • Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG:
    Small Labyrinths
    Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG: Small Labyr


  • Marilyn Mazur & Pulse Unit :
    Circular Chant
    Marilyn Mazur & PULSE UNIT: Circular Cha


  • Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG
    Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG.png


  • Primi Band: PRIMI

    Rosen ROLP-29

    LP not available anymore

  • Mazur/Markussen Quartet: MM4

    Rosen ROLP-28

    LP not available anymore

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2019 Laura Toxværd

Drapery ILK293CD ILK293LP

2018 Makiko Hirabayashi Trio 

Where The Sea Breaks enja yellowbird YEB 7780

2017 Brazillian Landscape

Michala Petri, Daniel Murray and Marilyn Mazur Our Recordings 6.220618

Damaztra Flag of Time

Peter Danstrup, Kasper Tranberg and Marilyn Mazur ILK 270 LP

2016 Laura Toxværd with Simon Toldam and Marilyn Mazur

Pladeshop ILK 256 LP

2015 Jakob Buchanan Requiem w./Indra Rios-Moore, Marilyn Mazur, Jakob Bro, Jonas Westergaard, Carsten Seyer-Hansen, Aarhus Jazz  Orchestra, Aarhus Cathedral Choir

Buchanan Records CD: BR007 LP:BR008

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra presents: Lars Møller's ReWrite of Spring Feat. David Liebmann and Marilyn Mazur

Dacapo 8.226117-18

2014 Håkan Broström with the Norbotton Big Band featuring Marilyn Mazur:
Episodes from the Future and the Past

Art of Life AL1043-2

Jakob Buchanan Quartet

Some People & Some Places Buchanan Records BR005

Vinding Pilc Mazur

Composing Bailecd 201401

Ingrid Hagel

Tharapita Winterdream Music THARA001

2013 Surely
Makiko Hirabayashi Klavs Hovman Marilyn Mazur 

Enja YEB 7738

Jan Gunnar Hoff

Fly North Losen LOS 119-2

Ketil Bjørnstad

La Notte ECM 2300

2012 Salme Suite

Carsten Seyer-Hansen, Marilyn Mazur, Jakob Buchanan, Michael Bladt, Mads Vadmann & Aarhus Domkirkes Kantori

Longlife Records LLR 1203

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: Vesper


2010 Jakob Buchanan Kvartet – I Land in The Green Land

Buchanan Records BR 004

2009 Etta Cameron And Nikolaj Hess With Friends

Stunt Records STUCD 09172

Helge Sunde Ensemble Denada

Finding Nymo ACT 9492-2

Hide And Seek - Makiko Hirabayashi Trio

Makiko Hirabayashi, Klavs Hovman, Marilyn Mazur Enja 9192

2008 Contemplation - Benjamin Koppel, Paul Bley, Thommy Andersson, Marilyn Mazur, Peter Nilsson

Label Cowbell Music

2007 Saxopaths Unfocused Welcomes

(Mazur is a guest on 1 track) GMC0004

DAWA - Body Electric – Feat. Ani Choying Drolma & Marilyn Mazur 

GWCD 1049

Eberhard Weber - Stages Of A Long Journey

ECM 1920 172 3618

Mer end nok - 12 fantastiske dyrefabler af Gerz Feigenberg og Frans Bak

Edition Wilhelm Hansen CD30760WH

2006 Ocean Fables - Kristensen Hovman Mazur Winther

Stunt Records STUCD 18601

Makiko (Makiko Hirabayashi, Klavs Hovman, Marilyn Mazur)

Enja 9169 2

Helge Sunde, Norske Store, Denada, Olga Konkova, Marilyn Mazur

Act ACTSACD 9805-2

Dhafer Youssef: Divine Shadow

Jazzland Rec. 0602498772249

Carsten Dahl: Short Fairytales

Emarcy 170 862 9

2005 Miles Davis: Munich Concert (3 CD)

DEL 800111

Ketil Bjørnstad: Floating

Universal Music 0602498728840

Stemmernes Skygge (Kirsten Braaten Berg, Marilyn Mazur, Lena Willemark)

Grappa Musikkforlag as HCD 7185

2004 Caroline Henderson: Made in Europe (M.M. plays on 2 tracks)

Stunt Records STUCD 04152

Gudrun Holck: Muse

Mild Records Milcd 002

2003 Gil Evans/Laurent Cugny Big Band Lumiere: Rhythm A Ning (reissue)

Universal Music 836 401 - 2

Gil Evans/Laurent Cugny Big Band Lumiere: Golden Hair

Universal Music 838 773 - 2

2002 Agnes Buen Garnås: Han Rider Den Mørke Nat

Viamusic vcr 387

Flower Machine: Dancing on Monday

dacapo - DCCD 9464

2001 Lotte Anker / Marilyn Crispell / Marilyn Mazur

dacapo DCCD 9460

2000 Frans Bak: Natsange

Sundance STUCD 19917

1998 Simon Spang-Hanssen & Måneklar: Wondering

dacapo DCCD 9436

Jan Garbarek: RITES

ECM 1685/86

1997 LLL Mental Colors (John Lee/ Chuck Loeb/ W. Lackerschmid/ Marilyn Mazur)

HOT 9029 c

Peter Bastian: Northern Lights

FMF CD 1128

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Shape of Twelve

dacapo DCCD 9430

1996 Sigvart Dagsland: Laiv

Kirkel.Kulturværkst.FXCD 173

Sussi Hyldgård: My Female Family

Mega Records MRCD 3284

Miles Davis: Live around the world

Warner Bros 9 46032-2

Jan Garbarek: Visible World

ECM 1585

1995 Palle Mikkelborg: Soundscape-Fredsskulptur 1995

Pro-music 9595-1

Lars Danielsson: European Voices

Dragon DRCD 268-1

1994 Hans Ulrik: Strange World

Stunt Rec. STUCD 19406

Jon Balke with Magnetic North Orchestra: Further

ECM 1517

Kenneth Knudsen: Sounds and Silence

dacapo DCCD 9419

Miles Davis: "Unissued '85" live in Kopenhagen 22-10-1985 (2 CD)

On Stage rec CD/ON 2230

Jan Garbarek Group: Twelve Moons

ECM 1500

1992 Niels- Henning Ørsted Pedersen: Uncharted Land

Pladecompagniet PCCD 8045

Karsten Houmark Group: Follow me, follow you

Stunt Rec. STUCD 19202

Ocean Fables: Havblik

Olufsen DOCD 5140

Friis / Zeuthen / Mazur

Olufsen DOCD 5161

1991 Lindsay Cooper: Oh Moscow

Victo cd015

Charlie Mariano / Jasper van’t Hof feat. Marilyn Mazur: Innuendo

Lipstick Rec. LIP 890082

1990 Torben Westergaard: What I miss

Olufsen DOCD 5123

1990 Echoez of 

w. Pierre Dørge, Harry Beckett, Marilyn Mazur, Klavs Hovman

Olufsen DOCD 5165

1989 Kim Kristensen: Aner

Olufsen DOC 5103

Rena Rama w./Marilyn Mazur

Dragon DRLP 173

Miles Davis / Palle Mikkelborg: Aura

CBS 463 351-2

1988 vPeter Kowald: Duos Europa

FMP 1260

Canaille (international women’s festival of improvised music)

intakt 002

Gil Evans / Laurent Cugny: Rhythm a ning

Emarcy 836401-2

1987 Lasse Englund: Anchor

Amalthea AM 62

1986 Eje Thelin / E.T Project: Live at Nefertiti

Dragon DRLP 128 

Ocean Fables

Stunt Rec. STULP 8601

1986 Eje Thelin / E.T Project: Live at Nefertiti

Dragon DRLP 128 

1985 Pierre Dørge & N. J. O.: Even the moon is dancing

Steeplechase SCS-1208

1984 Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orch.: Brikama

Steeplechase SCS-1188

1983 Lindsay Cooper: The Golddiggers

Sync Pulse Records 0617

1982 Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra

Steeplechase SCS-1162


CBS 85945

  • Marilyn Mazur Queen of Percussion


    Danish filmmaker Christian Braad Thomsen's portrait of Marilyn from 2006.

    Interviews, live recordings with Future Song, Percussion Paradise and Miles Davis. Jan Garbarek & Marilyn from the studio, recording the CD Elixir for ECM records.

  • Sounds of Silence — Unterwegs mit Manfred Eicher


    A film by Peter Guyer and Nobert Wiedmer

    With participation of
    Manfred Eicher, Arvo Pärt, Anouar Brahem
    Eleni Karaindrou, Dino Saluzzi, Anja Lechner, Gianluigi Trovesi, Nik Bärtsch
    Marilyn Mazur, Jan Garbarek, Kim Kashkashian, Camerata Orchestra Athen, Alexandros Myrat, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Tõnu Kaljuste, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Filarmonica Mousiké, Savino Acquaviva

    Production Recycled TV AG,

    Biograph Film ©2009

  • Miles Davis - Live In Munich


    Filmed july 1988 during "Münchner Klaviersommer '88" 
    at Munich Philharmonic Concert Hall

    Miles Davis - Trumpet , Keyboards
    Kenny Garrett - Saxophone, Flute
    Bobby Irving - Keyboards
    Adam Holzman - Keyboards
    Benjamin Rietveld - Bass
    Marilyn Mazur - Percussion
    Joseph 'Foley' McCreary - Guitar
    Ricky Wellman - Drums 

    Disc 1: Song List:
    Perfect Way, The Senate, Me & U, Human Nature, Wrinkle, Tutu, Time After Time, Splatch, Heavy Metal Prelude, Heavy Metal, Don't Stop Me Now, Carnival Time, Tomaas, New Blues, Portia

    Disc 2: 32 min. interview with Miles Davis

    ©2002 Pioneer Entertainment (USA) inc.

  • Miles Davis - Time After Time 
     (same concert as above)


    Live at the Philharmonic Concert Hall
    Complete Edition

    Liner notes:
    "Miles Davis was, for nearly 50 years, one of the most innovative figures in music. This concert from 1988 constitutes probably the best representation of Miles during his final decade. The music he was making three years before his death was obviously funky, but there are also some superb ballads performed here, as well as a number of tracks from his celebrated album Tutu. This set showcases a very tight band, and percussionist Marilyn Mazur is outstanding throughout."

    ©2008 Standing Ovation

  • Miles Davis - Live In Germany  (same concert as above)


    Live at the Philharmonic Concert Hall
    Complete Edition

    This DVD has the same song list as above minus The Senate, Me & U, Wrinkle, Time After Time, 

    ©2005 IMC MUSIC LTD.

  • Herman D. Koppel 100 Years - A Celebration of a Danish Music Icon


    With: Michala Petri, Svend Asmussen, Marilyn Mazur, Alex Riel, Jacob Anderskov, Christina Bjørkøe, 

    Marie Carmen Koppel, Anders Koppel, Benjamin Koppel a.o.

    Cowbell Music © 2009