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Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG
Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG.png

Released 1992

Aina Kemanis – vocal
Nils Petter Molvær – trumpet
Elvira Plenar – piano & Keyboards
Klavs Hovman – doublebass & electricbass
Audun Kleive – drums
Marilyn Mazur – percussion, voice (keyboard & electronic perc.)

First Dream  17:23

Saturn Song   8:09

When I Get To The Mountai  5:12

Urstrom  4:20

Rainbow Birds Suite, Part Ib  4:39

Aina's Travels  5:10

Rainbow Birds Suite, Part IIb  2:47

Well Of Clouds  3:44

Rainbow Birds Suite, Part Ia  6:24

Seventh Dream  6:34

Recorded in 1990

It’s fairly old in a world where everything has to be new, but it is still FUTURE SONG at it’s best. This album will also be worth listening to in 30 years.
It’s an excellent showcase for the musical world of Marilyn Mazur – composed music, improvised music, elements of classical music, elements of ethnic music, etherical parts and lots of strong rhythmic sections – beauty, power, mysticism, love – it’s all there.

The first track, First Dream with it’s 17 min. 23 sec. has it all, but be sure to experience the fantastic trumpet solo on Saturn Song, the powerful odd-meter drive of Rainbow Birds Suite, Part 1b, the primitive timbre of Aina’s Travels, the grandiose spaced out symphonic feeling of Seventh Dream where Marilyn sings leadvocal.
P.S. The cover art comes from Marilyn’s hand.

All music is composed by Marilyn Mazur except "Urstrøm" by the group.

Recorded and mixed by Bjarne Hansen at Sun Studio, Copenhagen.

Produced by Marilyn Mazur, Klavs Hovman and Bjarne Hansen.

Intuition / Verabra rec.  INT 2105 2 / vBr 2105 2

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