Time for writing and meditating on new music and projects

Almost all concerts this spring and summer are cancelled, which gives much time for writing and meditating on new music and projects, and also for enjoying life and nature in the close surroundings.
Most of the cancelled concerts will actually happen in 2021 instead. So 2021 will be full of music and activity!

Future Song cover.jpg

Marilyn Mazur’s Future Song – release out now!

Marilyn Mazur’s Future Song’s new exciting album «Live Reflections» is now available on Stunt Rec, with new releases of live recordings, plus «Reflections» from the very first studio recording with the original band.

Drummer and co-producer Audun Kleive has added a unique touch to the dynamic and intense, yet lyrical sound picture.

Jazz legends visiting Summer Session in Denmark

In august 2020, Marilyn will be one of the instructors at this years Summer Session for professional musicians in Denmark.