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Maluba Orchestra

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In 2017 Marilyn Mazur co-founded the 13-piece Maluba Orchestratogether with Fredrik Lundin and Kasper Bai. This ensemble plays specially written new music, and released their first CD/LP “Maluba Orchestra”  (Stunt Rec.) in july 2019. With this project the three composers celebrate their range of breadth and diversity as strengths, also when choosing the musicians for the band.Thus, the 13 featured players come from all corners of the Danish contemporary jazz scene, representing a broad spectrum of playing styles, musical personalities and temperaments.



Line Up

Fredrik Lundin – ts/fl

Christina von Bülow – as/fl

Pernille Bévort - ts/afl

Jesper Løvdal – bs/cbcl/cl/afl

Tomasz Dabrowski – tp

Maj Berit Guassora – tp/flh

Mia Engsager – tb

Annette Saxe – btb/tu

Kasper Bai – git

Makiko Hirabayashi – p/keys

Klavs Hovman – b

Bjørn  Heebøll – dr

Marilyn Mazur – perc

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