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Marilyn Mazur All The Birds
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Released 2002

This double CD is (apart from a couple of tunes) a live recording from the event where Marilyn received the Jazzpar Prize.
In the editing process Marilyn split up the music in two different CD’s.
The first CD has the subtitle Reflecting, the second is called Adventurous.
On this very special occasion Marilyn brought her main project FUTURE SONG and her (at that time) new all female PERCUSSION PARADISE – four drummers and a singer.
As special guests she invited Josefine Cronholm, Palle Mikkelborg, Anders Jormin og Fredrik Lundin.


Coming Into Life   5:40
Univers  7:32
Vintersolens Sang (Song Of The Winter Sun)  7:45
Skibets Sang (Song Of The Ship)  5:11
Looptale  4:18
Kilden (The Spring)  7:28
Psalm  5:47
Bird Dance In Blue  0:36
Pri  4:57
Sardinia  5:25
Kjoledans (Dance In Dress)  1:15
Rainbow Tears  7:39

Den Bestøvlede Fugl (Bird In Boots)  6:47
Josibalom  3:34
Crawl Out And Shine  5:19 
Mess Ra  10:11
Spin Power  2:55
Spring Song  4:51
Energiduo (Energy Duo)  3:26
Unbound  4:36
Bird Dance In Red  1:46
Stafet (Relay)  

All the birds  4:52

All the music and words by Marilyn Mazur except "Univers" by MM & Mikkelborg, "Looptale" by MM, Fredrik Lundin & Josefine Cronholm, "Rainbow Tears" music by MM words from the Minquass Indians. "MessRa" is composed by Palle Mikkelborg. "Energiduo" is by MM & Fredrik Lundin.

Stunt Rec. STUCD02072

Marilyn Mazur percussion & voice
Aina Kemanis - vocal
Hans Ulrik sax bassclarinet & flute
Elvira Plenar piano & keyboard
Eivind Aarset guitar & electronics
Klavs Hovman - electric bass
Audun Kleive - drums

Marilyn Mazur percussion & voice
Benita Haastrup perc. & voice
Birgit Løkke perc. & voice
Lisbeth Diers perc. & voice

Special Guests:
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet
Fredrik Lundin - sax, flute, bassflute & electronics
Anders Jormin - doublebass
Josefine Cronholm - vocal

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