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Marilyn Mazur & PULSE UNIT: Circular Chant
Marilyn Mazur & PULSE UNIT_ Circular Cha

Released 1995

Nils Petter Molvær
Per Jørgensen
Michael Riessler
Hans Ulrik
Bugge Wesseltoft
Mikkel Nordsø
Klavs Hovman
Jacob Andersen
Marilyn Mazur

1    Circular Chant  3:17
2   Aorta  10:17
3   Celldance  1:13
4   Louise  8:25
5   Pulsens Sang  5:32
6   Gong Piece 1  2:53
7   Reeds Duo  1:33
8   Amulu  7:46
9   Chordal Piece  1:45
10 Gong Piece 2  2:09
11  Green Bones  3:46
12 Balophone Tune  4:12
13 Circular Chant 2  2:03

Produced by Marilyn Mazur and Klavs Hovman
Recorded by Bjarne Hansen, at Sun Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 14/15th, 1994.
Circular Chant - Pulse Unit, put together for the Jazzpar Event 1994 (the Year that Roy Haynes received the Jazzpar Prize). This project only existed for the Jazzpar tour and the two days of recording right after the tour.
All the music, except Balophone Tune (an old composition from Primi Band) and the improvised pieces (6, 7, 9, 10) was composed for Pulse Unit in 1994.
After playing with trumpet-player Per Jørgensen in Jon Balke's Magnetic North and after hearing him doing a vocal solo, Marilyn wanted to use him primarily as vocalist for this project - not only as an improviser, but also singing melodies and even with lyrics on "Pulsens Sang".
Nils Petter Molvær is the trumpet soloist on this CD. At that time he was also a member of Marilyn’s group FUTURE SONG so it was an easy choice. The same goes for Hans Ulrik and Klavs Hovman.
German Michael Riessler is new in the world of Marilyn. She met him in a Lars Danielsson project in Sweden.
Mikkel Nordsø and Jacob Andersen are old groovy friends from the Danish music scene.

Storyville STCD 4200

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