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Marilyn Mazur's shamania

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HILDEGUNN ØISETH trumpet and goat horn

LOTTE ANKER tenor and soprano saxophone

SISSEL VERA PETTERSEN voiceand alto saxophone


MAKIKO HIRABAYASHI piano and keyboard

IDA GORMSEN electric bass

LISBETH DIERS congas and percussion


MARILYN MAZUR composer/leader, percussion,

balaphone and kalimbain

Her collaboration with Miles Davis, Gil Evans and Wayne Shorter established her worldwide reputation in the mid-to late ‘80s,as did her career with Jan Garbarek later on. But even before that, percussionist and composer Marilyn Mazur had already realized significant projects of her own. Her Primi Band, an experimental music theatre group that existed from 1978 to 1986, left such a lasting impression that the Copenhagen Jazz Festival wanted to reboot the groupfour decades later. This was unfortunately not possible, but the evocative spirit of that band has been letout of the bottle througha new project.

Shamania is the name of the band that Marilyn founded in 2015. Its shamanic spirit is based on the idea of a modern tribal gathering of female musical forces that focuses entirely on rhythm, body and voice in an experimental context and the challenge of finding a common ground.

The ten women of Shamania are among the most independent musicians on the Scandinavian scene, and live in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. When they meet, they bring through their formidable energies - a primal power and fascinating rhythms to the stage and enchant the listener with at mospheric moods and moments of pure amazement. The very same qualities have now been captured on their second album: REROOTING combines 16 songs, a combination of both Marilyn's brand new and older compositions, which have all been, with one exception, previously unreleased.

Each of these songs hasits own story, such as anoriginal song composed for Marilyn’s son when he was a baby, the sunset canon, the world situation, Nordic nights, April 1 – as well asthe title track that was created atthe first gathering of the Shamania musicians after pandemic-related self-isolation and many concert cancellations. From the waterphone, which combines the principles of the Tibetan water drum, the African lamellophone, and the nail violin from the 18th century, to udu clay pot drums, various bongos, congas, the kalimba, drums and tuned gongs from all over the world, to the Norwegian goat horn: the extraordinary wealth of timbres, together with the other instruments, primes the songs, shining out of them, glowing and radiating, results in the unmistakable Shamania sound and, with the brilliant rhythms, form Marilyn Mazur's trademark: an of-ten ritual-type music with an unmistakable instinct for outstanding dialogues, solos and improvisations – as well as an energetic primal force,and the very personal musical language of the great musician that extends into a world that lies far beyond jazz.

Steff Rohrbach

Marilyn Mazur' Shamania

Press Release and Credits  (pdf)

Percussionist/composer Marilyn Mazur now presents her new large orchestra, in which she gathered 10 strong female scandinavian music profiles plus the norwegian dancer Tine Erica Aspaas. 

SHAMANIA started when Copenhagen Jazzfestival suggested to Mazur to revive her old music theatre group Primi Band (from the 80’ies, with i.e. Lotte Anker).
Marilyn loved the idea of creating a new large group with some of the fantastic female musicians of today and to present a totally fresh version of the ideas from Primi: a ritual, organic, cacophonic and wildgrowing female community around primitive force/voices/rhythm/good energy and movement. 

Time seems highly ripe for this new Mazur-worldjazz-project, which is something really special both musically and visually.
Shamania had it’s first performance july 8th 2015 at the Copenhagen Jazzfestival, and played many large festivals in Europe since then. 

Marilyn has created lots of new music and visions for the band.
Images and colors transformed into structures and compositions, mood sequences and improvisations; new complex drum pieces and multi-voiced figurations.
A few of the old Primi Band’s compositions are played here in updated versions. 

SHAMANIA is a danish-based orchestra/music theatre with musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, - a mixture of both Marilyn’s close musician-friends and all new acquaintances like i.e. the norwegian dancer Tine Aspaas, who adds an extra exciting dimension to the visual expression.

The Project has received support from Danish Arts Council and other organisations.
Shamania recorded an album in 2017, which was released on RareNoiseRec. in February 2019.

01 New SecretMarilyn Mazur
00:00 / 05:57
02 RytmeritualMarilyn Mazur
00:00 / 05:01
03 CHAASMarilyn Mazur
00:00 / 05:41
04 Old MelodyMarilyn Mazur
00:00 / 05:32


Lotte Anker - sax (DK)
Josefine Cronholm – vocal & perc (SE/DK)
Sissel Vera Pettersen - sax & vocal (NO)
Hildegunn Øiseth - trumpet & goat horn (NO)
Lis Wessberg - trombone (DK) 
Makiko Hirabayashi - keyboards (Japan/DK)
Ellen Andrea Wang - bass (NO)
Anna Lund - drums (SE)
Lisbeth Diers - percussion (DK)
Marilyn Mazur - composer/leader, percussion & kalimba (DK)

On July 8th 2015, Marilyn presented for the first time her new orchestra Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. This is a world-jazz orchestra/music theatre with ten strong female Scandinavian musicians. The idea for this project developed out of Marilyns former music theatre group Primi Band. For Shamania, Marilyn has created lots of new music and visions: Images and colors are transformed into structures, mood-sequences, complex drum pieces and multi-voiced figurations. All this is interpreted by this organic, cacophonous and wild-growing female collective which creates an outburst of energy and movement which is visualized in selected concerts by the collaboration with the Norwegian dancer Tine Erica Aspaas. A few of the old Primi Band’s compositions are played by Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania in updated versions.

In 2019 the first record “Shamania” has been released on Rarenoise records. The album was named album of the Month (March 2019) in Downbeat Magazine, it was listed as one one of the best albums of the year and it recently received the renowned prize “Jahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik” in Germany.


Line Up

Marilyn Mazur - dr/perc/comp

Josefine Cronholm – voc

Hildegunn Øiseth – tp/goat horn

Sissel Vera Pettersen – voc/as

Lotte Anker – ts

Lis Wessberg – tb

Makiko Hirabayashi – p

Ellen Andrea Wang - bass

Anna Lund - dr

Lisbeth Diers - perc

(Tine Erica Aspaas - dance & choreography)


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