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Mazur Cronholm jonsson

Josefine Cronholm – voice Krister Jonsso

This Trio is the most minimalistic of Marilyn Mazur’s groups. Together with the Swedish musicians Josefine Cronholm and Krister Jonsson she creates powerful songs and constantly developing music that touches on a multitude of sounds. From tender ballads to dreamy musicals canvases, from funky pieces to frenetic acid music, it is always played with ease. Your shoulders will stay in place and often you will be tempted to just lean back, close your eyes and let the music caress your soul and body. In 2014 the trio released their first record “Flamingo Sky” augmented on two tracks by Klavs Hovman on bass.


Line Up

Josefine Cronholm – voice

Krister Jonsson – guitar

Marilyn Mazur – percussion, drums, piano & voice

GoneMazur Cronholm Jonsson
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