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Marilyn Mazur's NOW!

fotos by Per Morten Abrahamsen

Marilyn Mazur presents a new danish-based festival ensemble, created especially for these times, where it feels wise to gather musicians in close constellations, bringing down the amount of travels when we meet to play.
A musical unity of all the emotions, that ripened in every human being during isolation,
a celebration of the new times and the present moments together.

Marilyn Mazur NOW! play new music with fresh impulses from the past few more spacey years, and multi-facetted music and improvisations with memories from a long
life in service of music.

Lots of grooves, beauty, songs, body, mysteries and poetry – and a good portion of affectionate madness.

The musicians are Marilyn’s closest partners from several bands and projects combined
with inspiring new playmates for her large music family.
Marilyn Mazur NOW! had their premiere concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022. The
band turns out to have a wonderful chemistry and are so ready to play more !



Ania Rybacka – vokal
Kasper Tranberg – trompet
Makiko Hirabayashi – keyboards
Samuel Hällkvist – guitar
Klavs Hovman – bas
Marilyn Mazur – trommer, percussion, komposition

Press Kit pdf


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