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Marilyn Mazur group


APRIL 2023

the group released

their 2nd album


For the Marilyn Mazur Group, Marilyn has gathered some of her closest musical friends. All of them are very creative individualists, that have worked together for a long time.

With its warm and communicating music, the band invites the listener in for an adventure, with both physical and spiritual qualities to explore. Marilyn’s multicolored original compositions and imaginative poetic visions for this band create an intense and melodic experience with lots of spontaneous energy.

In December 2010 Marilyn Mazur Group released their double CD Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box, one CD being a live-recording of Marilyn’s music for the nonverbal new interpretation of the play “Beggar’s Opera”, the other CD is an expressive studio-recording.


Line Up

Fredrik Lundin - sax and flute
Krister Jonsson - guitar
Klavs Hovman - basses
Marilyn Mazur - drums, percussion & vocals

CD with Marilyn Mazur Group 



Fredrik Lundin  mezzo soprano- and tenor saxophone and bass flute
Krister Jonsson  guitar and pedals
Klavs Hovman  el.bass, el.upright bass, double bass, pedals
Marilyn Mazur  drums, kalimba, voice and percussion

(udu, bells, gongs, sundrum, afro kalimba, bamboo,
hubback and paiste sounds and more)

See the new vidoes from the session here!

The album starts with a fine, African-style kalimba melody, then the "thumb piano" soon becomes more rhythmic, the guitar, bass and soprano saxophone gently tune in, then finally, Marilyn Mazur sings a few bars, and grabs the sticks – making the sound more determined, "electric", funky and rousing. The second song, "Summer Night Sky," is a counterpoint to the opener: what takes place in transfigured stillness and range moves slowly, quietly, spherically – Fredrik Lundin's bass flute, a sustained, long drawn-out guitar, and the bass sounds of Krister Jonsson and Klavs Hovman can be heard, here and there a gong: An interlude before "Energy Hop," when the music with the tenor saxophone, fired by driving cymbals and drums, picks up speed, the guitar intersperses a few weird, melodious tones here and there and the electric bass groovingly keeps the band’s feet on the ground. A fourth track, "Garden Moments," follows, one of three collective improvisations, here rhythmically opened with Marilyn's tongue drum.

Recorded March 2022 at The Village Studio in Copenhagen Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrik Zosso Produced by Marilyn Mazur, Sarah Chaksad, Patrik Zosso, cover art and layout by Doris Reimann image: band photo by Jacob Crawfurd published by CYH,  | A Warm Thank you to Thomas Vang, Andreas Wigger  and all people involved.

CD with Marilyn Mazur Group 

Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box

Marilyn Mazur Group

STUNT Records - STUCD 10162. 

Marilyn Mazur Group:
Fredrik Lundin saxes, flute & electronics
Krister Jonsson guitar & electronics
Klavs Hovman Basses & electronics
Marilyn Mazur drums, percussion & electronics

STUNT Produced by Marilyn Mazur. Co-produced by Klavs Hovman and Bjarne Hansen. 

Recorded and mixed by Bjarne Hansen, at STC Studios. Copenhagen 2010 assisted by Mads Mølgaard Helbæk. 

Mastered by Bjarne Hansen 2010

Sage PassionMarilyn Mazur Group
00:00 / 07:39

Marilyn Mazur Group

Press Release and Credits (pdf)

photo Jacob Crawfurd

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