the story
While Marilyn was on tour with Miles Davis from autumn 1985 to dec. 1988 (In ‘87 she was with Wayne Shorter) she conceived the idea for a future project: a group of people playing the music of human feeling (in contrast to that of machines and money !)
In march 1989 her dream became reality - Marilyn Mazur’s FUTURE SONG was formed. Despite the fact that the group-members live very far apart - in USA, Germany, Norway and Denmark - the dream has existed and evolved for a long time now.
The first CD was released in 1992 on the german label veraBra records. The second CD, Small Labyrinths, was recorded for ECM records, and it was released in march 1997.
A new CD was released in april 2002 with live recordings from the Jazzpar-prize-concerts in connection with Marilyn receiving this noble award. Future Song had a central role in these concerts, playing along with various other of Marilyn’s constellations.
It’s like a fantasy-castle full of adventures created from sound and people. The musicians and listeners enter into musical pictures and dreams rising from secret depths.
We are lead by powerful rhythms through our inner ocean to the dreamcastle, where doors open upon a magic labyrinth of mysteries.
the ideology
The music is not meant to be polished, perfect and finished, but more like a living organism, expanding through specific dramatic sequences and unknown ways in more open structures, enabling the listener as well as the musician to have their personal experience in the labyrinth !
The leader and composer
Marilyn Mazur made the compositions for, and gathered, this special group of highly individual people, each contributing with their own characteristic qualities, all having the ability to communicate closely together and keep an openness towards the language of music.
The center voice of FUTURE SONG is Aina Kemanis from San Fransisco, whose crystal singing is a pure organic power, symbolizing a wish to keep receptiveness and sensitivity as sources of renewal.
Aina is one of the very few vocalists, who uses her voice as a naked instrument.
The voice
The youngest member of the group is saxophoneplayer Hans Ulrik from Denmark. He carries and varies M.M.’s themes with a heartwrenching personal touch and his lively melodic way of playing is an important part of the joyful communication of FUTURE SONG.
The saxophonist HANS ULRIK
Elvira Plenar, photo: Petra Bruder
Elvira Plenar, who went from being a croatian to being a german pianist, has wild and ‘airy’ energies, but she also paints the music of Future Song with fluid soundcolors from her synthesizer. She has the full expressive spectrum of a classical pianist, still being a true improviser.
The Keyboardplayer
The guitarplayer
The norwegian guitarplayer Eivind Aarset is the latest member of FUTURE SONG - he joined the group in 1992.
His guitarplaying transforms easily from screaming lines into the greatest of soundpaintings and to rhythmic driving patterns. The colorfull completion of Future Song’s adventurous soundscapes.
The deep, calm tones at the base of the soundpicture comes from from danish Klavs Hovman. With litheness he follows the music through it’s curious adventures and keeps it in balance with steady basspatterns. Besides the grooving, physical role on the electric bass and the warm sound and weaving of the acoustic bass, Klavs likes to make sustained spacelandscapes of deep sound.
The bassplayer
Norwegian Audun Kleive is sharp and strong - solid in his intense grooves, but also light and transparent in his committed drumming, these virtues being an asset to the band, giving it unity. Also he is an uncompromising guy, always keeping the flow, never stopping to yield to any limitations.
The drummer
The percussionist
Marilyn Mazur - the conceiver of the dreamcastle - is a true collector of sounds, and here she found her chance to assemble some of the musicians she loves - and a major deal of her own instrument-collection. So Marilyn’s playing becomes a dance between the instruments, as she guides and colors the music along it’s wild-growing paths. With a deeply emotional sense for dynamics, she reacts intuitively to the everchanging moments inside the larger picture, she has shaped.
Her present setup includes a variety of drums, gongs and bells; wood, clay, metal, bamboo and other sounds from all over the world.